Lucas Polidori, Sponsorship Lead

Sanofi, Omnichannel Marketing Lead

Ivey graduate and experienced Sales, Marketing and People leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Currently Leading the Omnichannel Engagement team at Sanofi Canada. Reporting to the General Manager, Canada and as an active member of the Canadian Leadership Team.

Working very closely with speciality sales teams to upskill and coach on omnichannel engagement including: remote detailing, F2F detailing, next best action/channel, account management, email/HCP portal/podcast/webinar strategies.

Relationship builder and customer centric leader with years of HCP selling experience, ensuring execution of brand plans while growing market share.

People Leader with a deep understanding of the importance to focus on teams’ aspirations, skills, and growth ambitions, coaching them to growth while building an inclusive team environment.

Especially interested in building diversity in the pharmaceutical/life science sector. As a member of the Board of Directors, Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association (OPMA), I bring diverse commercial thinking and background to the Pharmaceutical Industry with the goal of increasing awareness, interest, and demand from a diverse background of candidates.

I also continue to learn and develop as a Level-3 Ice Hockey Referee in the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), where I use personal judgement, communication, and conflict resolution to maintain a safe playing environment for all players

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