Mental Health in the Pandemic Workplace

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Nov 26 2020


8:15 am - 9:15 am

The thought behind this webinar topic was born out of an introduction to the Au Contraire Film Festival out of Quebec. This film festival is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health. The films produced are short in nature, and designed to start conversations around this important topic. Also, the fact that mental health is a very much part of our regular conversation during this pandemic, it seems timely that we address it from a workplace perspective.

Objectives of this event:
- Bring mental health awareness to the workplace via this webinar
- Provide instruction on how to identify yellow/red flags among our colleagues, team leaders, those that report to us and others, especially in this virtual setting
- Provide tactics, processes, etc. that can be implemented by individuals in the workplace
- Provide tactics, processes, etc. that can be implemented by organizations, leaders, etc.


  • Jennifer Meldrum
    Jennifer Meldrum
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, PEAK Pharma Solutions Inc. / President, OPMA

    Accomplished pharmaceutical executive with demonstrated experience in the area of sales, marketing, operations, and business development. Hands on experience and skills in optimizing people and processes to achieve organizational excellence. A leader who creates a culture of integrity, transparency, collaboration and reward. Proven success in establishing strategic partnerships with customer centric solutions with the organization she co-founded: PEAK Pharma Solutions Inc.

  • Juli Fyfe
    Juli Fyfe
    Learning Catalyst & Coach, Roche Canada, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

    Juli has worked in Pharma for over 30 years and while she is employed at Roche, she recently returned to school to complete a Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and in this panel, represents a mental health professional.

    It’s not easy to navigate the chaos of life’s challenges and find joy. When clients are facing the hardest times of their life, they can feel isolated, alone, and stuck. Juli partners with clients with a warm, collaborative person-centered and solutions-oriented approach. She holds the space for them to discover a path forward and experience real growth.

  • Lauren Lazowski
    Lauren Lazowski
    National Sales Director, Lilly Canada

    Lauren Lazowski is the National Sales Director for Diabetes with Eli Lilly Canada. She believes the work we do everyday in the pharmaceutical industry helps to make life better for people living with disease and for the families who support them, and improves outcomes in the health care system.

    Lauren has long recognized the importance of mental health. As an undergrad at Queen’s University, she led initiatives to improve awareness of mental health, which led to a graduate degree in Neuroscience with a focus on Mood Disorders and Stigma in Mental Health. Her passion for mental health fuels her career and her advocacy, and informs her approach to working with large teams.

    Before accepting her current role, Lauren was Lilly Canada’s Oncology Leader, and she has also held roles in Sales, Learning & Development, and Marketing. Throughout her 10 years with Lilly, Lauren has focused on developing people and their skills, optimizing the performance of teams, and growing Lilly Canada’s brands.

  • Philip Silverberg
    Philip Silverberg
    Founder of the Au Contraire Film Festival
  • Tanya Bendo
    Tanya Bendo
    Director, SHE and Corporate Services, Roche Canada

    Tanya is passionate and committed to best in class programs for safety and sustainability and has participated in Roche Canada projects that have gained recognition in numerous categories.

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